“I felt helpless before having Good Neighbours. Thank you very much for your willing & friendly assistance”

Sylvia, aged 78

“Thank you for introducing me to the luncheon club: I really love meeting the friends I have made there”

Frances, aged 81

“You make many lives more meaningful: sincere thanks”

Jean, aged 87

“Having a volunteer with me gives me confidence. He is so friendly”

John, aged 85

“I’ve always been very grateful for the help and kindness received from your volunteers – they couldn’t be nicer!”

Joan, aged 90

“I would not be able to attend the hospital if it were not for your valuable team”

John, aged 86

“It has given me something and someone to look forward to: my volunteer has been lovely”

Patricia, aged 82

“I really look forward to seeing my volunteer, she’s like a good friend. We have a laugh which cheers me up”

Janet, aged 68

“Life could be very difficult without your service”

Bernard, aged 82

Caring befrienders change lives

We change people’s lives by offering:

Regular home visits from trained befriending volunteers

For those who are lonely or housebound with fewer than 2 unpaid visitors a week, a regular visit from a friendly volunteer can provide that vital link to the outside world.

Trained, vetted and supported volunteers offer cheerful company, a listening ear and, maybe, the opportunity to play a game of scrabble or do a puzzle together.

Support to access suitable activities in the community
When you feel isolated it is hard to make new friends on your own, but you might enjoy going along with your volunteer to one of the many social activities offered to older people around the town.

We could introduce you to a local lunch club, cinema club, choir, computer class or even a Wii fit session!

Short term practical support to encourage independence
Recently out of hospital or recovering from any trauma?  It may help to have someone alongside to build up your confidence as you to take on all those household chores again.

We could offer short term help such as shopping and aim to offer flexible support in any way we can to encourage you back to independence.

A befriender alongside for important appointments
It can be daunting attending a medical appointment of any kind on your own and in some instances impossible if you are disabled in some way so cannot even get to the hospital or surgery without help.

You don’t need to be alone: our volunteers can accompany you, explain things to you and even make notes, if you’d like them to, and then discuss things with you when you get back home.

Emotional support for life’s difficult moments
Without friends and family on hand, dealing with life changes can be overwhelming. We have volunteers supported by our office who could be alongside to help you with official paperwork, forms and phone calls if you are struggling. If you are visually impaired, we can help with your correspondence too.

With your permission we can also liaise on your behalf with Social Services and other agencies or charities. Our volunteers could provide the moral support you need to get things sorted and the office staff are always on hand* to offer information.

*24 hour answerphone
Giving a helping hand to an elderly man

If you or someone you know could benefit from our befriending service